Ram Island Strategies LLC



Ram Island Strategies is dedicated to providing legal, financial structuring, and strategic advisory services to clients seeking improved access to the domestic and foreign capital markets and desiring to optimize structured finance executions. The firm continues to offer the value-add services that were provided by its founder, Ron Borod, who built a reputation over many years of practicing law as a thought leader and innovator in securitization and other forms of structured finance with a focus on first-time issuers and non-traditional asset classes.  

Ram Island Strategies will continue to offer the following services:

  • designing the legal architecture for structured finance transactions, 
  • interfacing with the rating agencies to obtain investment grade ratings on esoteric asset-backed securities, 
  • identifying strategic capital and service providers for sponsors of securitization transactions,
  • assisting clients in identifying and resolving legal and structural issues encountered in esoteric ABS transactions,
  • providing strategic advice to clients for building long-term structured finance programs and initiatives, and
  • managing structured finance transactions to final pricing and closing. 

 Ram Island Strategies offers a new model for the delivery of these services which differs from the traditional law firm model in the following respects: (i) It gives clients complete flexibility to contract with Ram Island Strategies for specific service modules and to combine those services, in a manner designed to meet the specific needs of the client, with the services of a traditional law firm or other service providers;  (ii) it makes the services of Ram Island Strategies available to clients under creative billing arrangements that are not tied to hourly rates but are instead project-based, tied to results achieved and, in appropriate circumstances, deferred in whole or in part to the occurrence of a liquidity event; and (iii) permits Ram Island Strategies, where appropriate, to accept engagements for transactions with longer execution periods than are normally possible for traditional law firms. 

Ram Island Strategies does not offer certain services offered by traditional law firms, such as the rendering of legal opinions and the drafting of trust indentures, offering documents and other core legal documents customary to securitization transactions. It does, however, if requested by a client, provide a review function over these services and provide a liaison between the client and the law firm and other service providers retained by the client to assure optimal coordination of the various services for a transaction.  

Ram Island Strategies will also continue Mr. Borod’s prior “impact securitization” model of deploying securitization technology to support transactions and programs that not only “do no harm” but that also promote sustainability, renewable energy and energy efficiency, advances in life science, support for the arts, and other initiatives that promote the public good.